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Why not in Farsi?

Friends have been asking me about the reason i'm writing these series of articles in English and not in Farsi, which is my first language and I’ve been known to have some writing skills in it.

I thought it’s better to explain it once and for all. I think there have been a number of autobiographies in Farsi to the point they are not interesting anymore to read since we know ourselves and each other well enough. The writer doesn’t seek anything rather than satisfy the readers by storytelling techniques. However, I’m not particularly caring about those interests, whether someone likes or dislikes the facts being discussed.

I’m trying to open a new window for the international audience to the certain generation of Iranians minds, even though I’m not the representative of all of them, but at least our human relatives can get to know what is going on in our mind(s). What are our fears and what are our values, the way that we are, not the way the Islamic regime or even ourselves are trying to represent ourself.

I’m trying to picture us the way we actually are in a realistic manner with all our strengths and weaknesses that we are bringing to the table.

So, forgive my poor English. Who knows maybe these articles start to help me developing a better understanding of the english structure by hearing your kind messages and replies.


Photo by Sam Moqadam on Unsplash

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